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"Get off my back, Lyla! What do I have right now, huh? I got a girlfriend who cheated on me, I got parents who are breaking up cause of some stupid lawsuit! I lost the coach, I lost the team, lost my friends, lost quad rugby! So I got nothing! So, I’m sorry if I’m not being the perfect boyfriend right now, but I got a lot more on my mind than powder-puff and prom! And this cup is way too full, I’ll spill it! You know that!"

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Friday Night Lights - Fix You by Coldplay

I pretty much made it to the end without breaking down but when Street in his wheel chair tore the banner I lost it.

Me too. I was close a couple times, but then Jason in his hospital bed, with the lights shining out the window… *sniff, sniff*

This fucking video. And this song.
I cry every time. It’s like watching the Emmy trailer. I’d also like to point out that ALL of the footage is from season 1. Imagine if it was the entire series….

I swear to god if I’m ever stranded on an island all I need is a tv and my Friday Night Lights DVDs.

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