Just want to say thanks again to people who follow me. 

I am fully aware that my blog is a brain dump which may include all of the following: handwriting, books, quotes, interior design (especially bedrooms and beach houses), landscapes, sunsets, Batman, Green Bay Packers, Canada, Olympics, Friday Night Lights (on a daily basis), Tim Riggins (even more often), criticisms of America (mostly the government), Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, and a bunch of other stuff. There’s no theme. No rhyme or reason. And yet here you still are.

If my students found me on here, and knew it was me, they’d be horrified by what goes on in my mind.

Sometimes when I look in my archive, I’m horrified. 

So, to my followers who don’t know me, I appreciate that you’re sticking around. Because I feel like my blog is a confusing place to be.

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