I actually suck at being an adult (not that this should surprise anyone).

But I leave for Ireland in 65 days. 

I have a To Do list a mile long.

SO here goes (in no particular order)

  • pack books
  • Go through kitchen stuff and donate what I don’t need
  • pack dishes/cutlery/glasses/mugs
  • Pack up rest of kitchen
  • sort/cull financial papers and take to mom and dad
  • set up mail forwarding
  • cancel Sports Illustrated
  • Cancel Vanity Fair
  • get carpets cleaned
  • touch up baseboards and door trim
  • paint hallway (red)
  • Finish financial stuff for Brownies
  • Clean out pantry
  • Pack up personal stuff
  • Clean out a corner in mom and dad’s basement for school stuff
  • Update will and Power of Attorney stuff
  • Cancel utilities
  • Call Rogers and see if I can put my contract on hold (yeah right)
  1. nolaness said: Let me tell you that most adults are shit at being adults— some just don’t show it!! However rest assured that probably most of the adults on Tumblr have equally long lists that they are completely ignoring!
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